Why choose us ?

Our objective essentially is to provide World Class Services in the Telecommunications, Engineering and Construction Sectors with a view to upgrading the infrastructure base of the Nigerian economy without losing sight of health, safety and environmental issues of the people. It is our desire to pay special attention to both the quality of output as well as timeliness of delivery.

Powerful and strategic

Star Solution Limited has within its fold highly experienced and dedicated personnel. The field, administrative and laboratory operations are manned by middle level manpower of immense experience and technical education. The professional and management aspects of our operations are directly organized and supervised by our major partners- men of immense and invaluable experience and good education.


It is the policy of Star Solution Limited to define measurable objectives guiding the delivery of the company's products and services in accordance with globally accepted quality standards evaluating the standards regularly and implement and execute works & services that meet the clients' requirement, guided by transparency and corporate integrity.


Star Solution’s Staff have access to the most advanced computerized equipment using the latest designs programs. The Engineers optimize the use of resources while ensuring that the projects meet the highest international standards. Advanced Management and fiscal programs support the efficient allocation of labour and financing, culminating in delivery of the project on schedule and within the budgetary time and framework.

We have provide the best Telecommunication and Engineering services

Our Services:

  • Installation and Maintenance of Telecommunication Equipments.
  • Design & Construction of Buildings.
  • Design & Construction of Roads, Highways and Bridges.
  • Construction of Bore Holes.

Our Clients